A Crashpad Defined... Does yours qualify for our database

Crashpad #1
A Crashpad is a temporary lodging accommodation for flight crews with other flight crew members. Each Crashpad room will usually have two to six beds using single and bunk beds. You can rent out a bed to one flight crew member for a fixed price or alternate the bed for anyone to use which is know as "hot sheeting". It's called "hot sheeting" since it's still warm from the last person that slept there. This is the least preferred type of crashpad but the least expensive of the crashpads.

Crashpad #2
Another type of Crashpad is the room for rent. There are some flight crew members that prefer to rent a room for themselves instead of sharing it with other flight crew members. This type of Crashpad is usually done by pilots or f/a's who want to room with one another as roommates, having their own bed and room. We will list this type of crashpad as long as it's not too expensive. 

Preferred Crashpad:
Most flight crew members usually prefer to have a crashpad with other flight crew members and NOT the public. The room or bed for rent needs to be inexpensive. For example, if you have a room for rent you might want to list it with two single beds or even two bunk beds. Why would you do that? It is cheaper for the flight crew person to split the cost two ways or even four ways instead of just renting out a whole room. The power is in the numbers for both the crashpad owner and flight crew persons.

Length of stay:
A crashpad renters stay at any crashpad should be no more than 8 times a month, more than that they should pay for a full months rent. The term of stay is usually a short term, 6 months or long term about a year (Don't use a year lease. Use a month to month contract if necessary). Flight crews are basically month to month for the short term. The Master Padder(TM) is the exception to this rule. This is the person (flight crew member) other than the owner of the crashpad. This person controls the crashpad, collects the rents and maintains the crashpad premises. The Master Padders(TM) rent is half off or free.

A crashpad price is usually based on a single bed except for a room for rent. A crashpad that has "hot sheets" will normally receive 2/3 the price of a regular crashpad price.

LAX Crashpad Example:

  • Personal crashpad - $125 to $200 (monthly)
  • Hot sheet crashpad - $75 to $150 (monthly)
  • Qualify:
    Are you renting a room? 
    This can be a crashpad and we will accept a room for rent but it must not be over priced. We reserve the right not to list a "room for rent". We are a crashpad listing service for flight crews and not a apartment rental company. "We specialize in assisting flight crews in locating low cost housing."

    Are you renting a bed? 
    This IS a basic crashpad. We except all listings of this type. We reserve the right not to list or remove a crashpad that is known to have or has been reported to have problems or unsanitary conditions.


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